About Dietzgen

Sihl Inc. is a leading provider of converting and distribution services for digital print media including paper, films and textiles in the US market. With our great experience, we are a strong and reliable partner for our customers. The employees at our six strategically located facilities ensure our nationwide just in time delivery. As a member of the Sihl Group, we combine superior processing, logistics and distribution capabilities with an innovative product offering and service level to create an exceptional offering for our customers in terms of quality and service.

With more than 400 employees in the Sihl Group, we contribute to the success of our customers from a wide range of industries in almost every country in the world. Whether it’s automotive and tourism, packaging and labels, or printing and logistics, customers rely on our premium coatings and technological expertise. As a specialist for future-proof products, Sihl lays the foundations for innovative trends and promotes sustainable results. In short, Sihl is simply the better solution!

National & Global Footprint

When we say National Footprint, we mean it. We don’t have one or two rack spaces in a network of 3PL’s across the country where our material is just another box on the shelf. We also don’t have 1 converting location to support and feed multiple distribution centers across the country. We have six manufacturing facilities strategically located across the United States. These facilities include both converting and distribution and are staffed by dedicated Dietzgen employees who understand our industry-specific needs.


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United States

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