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Diazo Jet Media

Dietzgen introduced dry development technology to the United States in 1925 and today we still offers 5 speeds of diazo printing papers. This allows you the widest range of machine settings for optimum performance with a variety of original documents.

Dietzgen papers are available in 5 speeds to match the exposure and development characteristics of any whiteprinter on the market. Slower speed papers yield sharper denser images.

All our diazo speeds are available in a 20lb. basis weight for good economy and excellent handling characteristics. They are listed below from slowest to fastest speed.

241BS 20lb. Blue Line Standard Professional Speed  - our slowest speed
241BR 20lb. Blue Line Rapid Speed
241BE 20lb. Blue Line Medium Speed 
241BF 20lb. Blue Line Fast Speed - our best selling speed 
241BU 20lb. Blue Line Ultra Speed – our fastest speed